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Selected Work

Delhi Metro: Proving Our Delivery Commitment

The Delhi Metro transit system receives over 2.3 million footfalls daily over 142 stations, and serves as the urban transit hub for the national capital of India. This complex system necessitates need of reliable and robust engineering and infrastructure in order to perform to 2.3 million expectations every day.

Tricolite, with its reliable and world class products and production capacity, is a proud business partner of the Delhi Metro. With a net order value of approx. 1000 MINR, we have delivered multiple LT panels, bloksets, PDBs and MLTPs, all within the demanding engineering, manufacturing and delivery specifications required by The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Fulfilling this order has demonstrated our strong performance in terms of delivery schedule adherence enabled through first-time-right manufacturing and an efficient and flexible supply chain. We have also gained valuable experience in ensuring that client timelines are met in an intricate projectized supply chain with multiple deadlines.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has been certified by the United Nations as the first metro rail and rail-based system in the world to get "carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions" and helping in reducing pollution levels in the city by over 0.6 Mil. tonnes every year. This is in line with our own ISO 14001 commitment to conserve the environment through minimizing our impact.

Tricolite switchgear panels today empower all underground Delhi Metro stations, and are a proud fixture to a national monument of engineering and efficiency.

Mother Dairy: Engineering Innovation in Action

In this end-to-end order of erection, testing and commissioning of LT and HT distribution panels, 1000KVA transformers and a 1010KVA diesel generator, including cabling, earthing-pit erections, and DG silencing, our specialists ensured that the paramount client requirement of site to be pollution free was met through some innovative thinking at site. A 9-tonne, 30-meter silencer structure was constructed in two parts to make up for space shortage at site, and was successfully joined and installed over unlevelled terrain despite adverse weather conditions to fulfill this requirement.

With a net order value of approximately 19 MINR, we excelled in installing multiple components at site as per plan, even delighting the client through crashing some activity timelines by more than 50%.

We had to work around multiple constraints – insufficient staging room, adverse weather and site conditions, local legislations – and our strong teams innovated continuously to meet delivery and commissioning targets.

The site is now fully operational, and bears testimony to our capacity to innovate and execute.

Uttam Sukrotech: Pioneering Engineering Design

In keeping with our core value of customer centricity, we are always on the lookout for technological and operational innovations which allow us to pass on benefits of our expertise to our clientage.

The 7.25 MINR Uttam Sukrotech LV MCC project saw the introduction of Schneider MW2 blokset design for the first time in India. Our team was able to recognize the technical superiority of the Schneider MW2 blokset design and its suitability to the project, and we proactively intervened at the design-stage with our pioneering design proposal, which was accepted by the client.

Later, the Executive Director of the client visited our facility for stage inspection, and was delighted by the high manufacturing standards in place that ensure first-time-right built-to-plan product with consistently superior aesthetic and workmanship.

TOTO Vadodra: Meeting Japanese Quality Standards

We put ourselves to the test of meeting Japanese safety norms, quality standards and delivery expectations with the 20 MINR TOTO Vadodra project. We supplied downstream distribution panels and other project items like cables, cable trays, earthing termination, while also taking care of testing and commissioning at site.

Our business processes proved their strength under demanding timelines and expectations as the entire project was very well coordinated and executed on time. The glowing feedback received from the client is proof that our business standards are capable of exulting not only Indian clientage, but also a foreign one.

Danieli India PCC: Adding Value to Product Design

We specialize in a deep understanding of client requirements prior to commencing manufacturing so as to ensure that any non-value added components get weeded out of the project at the design stage itself, and that the finished product is a pure expression of true customer demand. This early integration has helped numerous customers realize more value out of their equipment, and avoiding later rework.

We were entrusted with PCC package supply in this approx. 40 MINR project. The original design was with Siemens switchgear, but we suggested use of a Schneider blokset instead as a better alternative due to its suitability to the requirements at hand. This suggestion was accepted, and the value added panel system fabricated accordingly.

To ensure error-free design modification, our design specialists were deputed at client end to thoroughly understand requirements. This also helped in saving precious time in approvals and discussions over mails, and ultimately translated in a superior design being delivered well within the timeline of the original design.