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Quality & Testing

TRICOLITE dedicates itself to total quality. It will constantly strive to exult the customers by anticipating and exceeding their expectations. Continuous improvement, Teamwork, Commitment Integrity and Excellence shall be the guiding values.

Conventional Switchboards are tested at 8SKA Short Circuit Withstand Capacity on 5000 A. They are also tested for IP: 54 degree of protection and provide FORM IV separation for the highest degree of safety.


Routine tests like High Voltage Dielectric Strength, High voltage Megger Test etc. are undertaken stringently to eliminate error margins.

Some of the routine tests conducted at TRICOLITE are:

  • Stringent QAP of all Incoming
  • Millivolt Drop test
  • Structure Test & Scratch Hardness test for paint durability
  • Salt Spray Test for Corrosion Resistance up to 1000 hrs
  • Conductivity Test for authenticating the purity of the bus bars
  • 10 stages for Work – In Progress & Final HV Tests before CI
  • In house Temperature rise Lab for 8000A