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Power Control Center


  • Application
    Protection & Control of Motors
  • Reference Standard
    IEC:61439-1,2009, IS:8623
  • Operational Voltage
    415V AC
  • Operational Current
    Up to 6300A
  • Phase/ Frequency
    3 Phase/ 50 Hz
  • Short Time Rating
    Up to 100KA for 1 Sec.
  • Degree of Protection
    IP-42/ IP-54
  • Max. Temp. Rise
    40 deg C over ambient 45 deg C
  • Form of Separation
    3b/ 4b
  • Seismic Compliance
    Zone-3 & 4
  • Vertical Bus bar Load Current.
    2500A max in Two Tier Arrangement
  • Operational Height
    300mm Min./ 1800mm Max.
  • Max. Height of Panel
  • Feeder Width
    700/ 900/ 1100/ 1300mm.
  • Depth of Panel
    1200/ 1600mm.
  • Multitier compartmentalized Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Load Distribution through ACBs and MCCBs
  • Arrangement for Receiving supply through Power Cable / Bus Duct
  • High degree of flexibility available with provision of mounting ACB and Automatic Transfer Switch for the incoming supply
  • Can be supplied with double bus bar system with feeders tapped from either bus system
  • Vertical bus for two-tier feeders up to 2400A
  • Modular design extensible at both sides
  • Short-circuit rating planned for 65kA and 80kA
  • Doors provided both at Front and Rear