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Motor Control Center


  • Application
    Protection & Control of Motors
  • Reference Standard
    IEC:61439-1,2009, IS:8623
  • Operational Voltage
    415V AC
  • Operational Current
    Up to 4000A
  • Phase/ Frequency
    3 Phase/ 50 Hz
  • Short Time Rating
    Up to 50KA for 1 Sec.
  • Degree of Protection
    IP-54 (Indoor)/ IP-55 (Outdoor)
  • Max. Temp. Rise
    40 deg C over ambient 45 deg C
  • Form of Separation
    3b/ 4b
  • Seismic Compliance
    Zone-3 & 4
  • Operational Height
    300mm Min./ 1800mm Max.
  • Max. Height of Panel
  • Cable Alley Width
    300mm. Min.
  • Depth of Panel
    400/ 700/ 1200/ 1600mm.
  • Multitier compartmentalized feeders for mainly Motor Control including other type VFD, capacitor feeder and soft starter.
  • Fixed and Draw-Out Type.
  • Can be suitable for single front or double front operation.
  • Flexibility in execution of MCC :
    • Bus alley and cable alley at front, when there is no rear access.
    • For fixed type double front MCC, both bus alley and cable alley shall be at both front and rear.
    • For fixed single front MCCs having rear access, bus alley shall be provided at rear and cable alley at front.
    • For Draw-Out MCC, the bus alley is at the front side and all the withdraw able modules of feeder compartment are engaged with the vertical bus.
    • Can be aligned with PCC for receiving the power supply through ACB.
  • Control bus in requisite number can be provided throughout the length of the MCC
  • For limited number of feeders MCC can be offered for execution type popularly known as PDB when horizontal Main bus bar need not be provided.
    Vertical bus bar chamber can be provided to cater for feeders on its two bays at both sides.