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TG Synchronization


  • Application
    Synchronization of DG Power
  • Reference Standard
    IEC:61439-1,2009, IS:8623
  • Operational Voltage
    110/ 230V AC/DC, 415V AC
  • Control Voltage
    24V/ 110V/ 220V AC/DC
  • Phase/ Frequency
    3 Phase/ 50 Hz
  • Degree of Protection
    IP-54/ IP-55
  • Form of Separation
  • System Automation
    DEIF Controller
  • Operational Height
    300mm Min./ 1800mm Max.
  • Max. Height of Panel
  • Width of Panel
    700/ 900mm.
  • Depth of Panel
    600/ 1000/ 1200mm.
  • We offer a wide range of Dief Relay based DG Synchronization Panel which is available in the PLC Configuration with DIEF Make.
  • Dief controller provide synchronizing among DG sets, GG sets, Emergency and Grid suplies.
  • Dief controller can provide synchronization through bus coupler also.
  • These are easy to install & operate and require less maintenance. Our products are provided with Rated Service Voltage & Frequency of 415 V & 50 Hz respectively.