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Control & Relay


  • Application
    Protection & Control of Sub Station
  • Reference Standard
    IEC:61439-1,2009, IS:8623
  • Operational Voltage
    Up to 132KV AC/DC
  • Operational Current
  • Max. Temp. Rise
    40 deg C over ambient 45 deg C
  • Form of Separation
  • Construction Type
    Simplex/ Duplex
  • Display
    Audio Visual/ Mimic with LED Indicator/Semaphore
  • Dead front
  • Can be Simplex or Duplex type
  • For Simplex type, doors are provided at rear to attend to the equipment/wiring mounted in the dead front & terminated terminals inside
  • For Duplex type CRP, the panels are walk-in type with doors at side and equipment/wiring mounted on both the fixed fronts.
  • Panels are provided with internal illumination for facilitating maintenance
  • CRPs are provided with mimic representing the SLD of the system with indication by either semaphore or LEDs for showing the status of Equipment


  • Switchyard metering and protection involving grid supply transformer and generator connected to the system for 11kV / 33kV / 66kV system