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Amitabh Nangia is one of the founding directors of the company. Currently he is Mentor for all commercial, Financial, Legal and Corporate Affairs of the organization. The calm and happy spirit that binds the Tricolite Family together, he is a living example of our Value System. A commerce graduate by qualification he has groomed this organization since inception.

During the 30 years of his involvement, Mr. Amitabh Nangia has greatly contributed to the evolution of the organization. His vision has guided and altered the smallest section at Tricolite. Renowned for his light-hearted spirit and camaraderie in the industry, Mr. Nangia has earned a lot of good will and recognition.


Gautam Kumar is one of the founding Directors of the organization and mentors all Sales, Marketing and Service teams. Harbinger of Tricolite philosophy and vision, he has played a crucial role in bringing Tricolite to where its stands today. His mentoring style of leadership forces the team to think differently, beware of the details and have a high focus on bringing excellence to every process. Such grooming has evolved Tricolite culture to where it stands today and makes it a Learning Organization.

Though qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Through the Switchboard industry Mr. Kumar is known for his in-depth technical understanding of the product and customer exultation approach.


Abhishek Nangia is one of the Managing Director of Company. Heads all activities related to Manufacturing, Design and Project, Sales and Marketing. A highly passionate and goal oriented person, Mr. Nangia is known for his go-getter ethos in the company. He believes in surpassing every standard set, to create new ones to achieve. He has played a pivotal role in creating world-class manufacturing processes that Tricolite is proud of. A sportsperson at heart, he always inspires and leads his team to new limits of excellence.

Abhishek has built culture of innovation in Tricolite by giving freedom to be creative in solutions so that tricolitians can approach situations and challenges with an open mind. A Mechanical Engineer from university of Bangalore by qualification he has been with the company since 2002.


Meera Kumar Chauhan is one of the Managing Director of Company and manages all Finance, Legal, Store, HR, Administration and Systems functions of the company. Business and Finance knowledge is cornerstone of her success. She has an inclusive, team-building leadership style of problem solving and decision making. She respects others’ opinions, rights and values.

Meera places a great deal of emphasis on culture, work life balance and shared value. Independent nature is her way of finding focus and dialing up pursuits. She has done MA in personnel management & Industrial Relations from University of Warwick, UK and has been with the company since 2003.


Sanjay Gupta is Business Head he handles all Pre and Post Sales functions for Low Tension Switch boards, Conventional Bus ducts and Automatic Transfer Switches from ASCO. These typically include Tendering, Design and Customer Care, where he oversees a team of young and enthusiastic people. His value addition has been to almost all processes in the organization from Manufacturing to Sales. His patience to plan and execute carefully, while still being agile, pays off in achieving Tricolite Vision.

Sanjay joined the organization as a Trainee Diploma Engineer in 1998 and today has risen to one of the most respected minds of the group. He combines his comprehensive technical knowledge of the product with his rational & balanced approach and thus is one of the most popular leaders of Tricolite. He is also part of executive development group.


Sachinder Nath Singh an old time associate of Tricolite has seen the organization grow through all phases since its inception. In his existing capacity he manages all financial, legal & administrative needs of our turnkey projects and trading division. With his ability to crack the toughest of scenarios and get the desired output from any set of people he also leads the team for debtors management under the guidance of Director Finance.


Neeraj Bansal is working in Tricolite since 2008. Head Finance, Store and admin function of both plants having total of 16 years of experience. He is chartered accountant. He is core member of Executive development group of Tricolite. He is responsible of optimum utilization of resources for the achieving Tricolite Vision; maintain Liquidity position and Budget of Tricolite and financial forecasting.

Neeraj does not thwarted by challenges. He always finds a way through, around, under, or over the obstacles in his path. He is able to recognize patterns, articulates them as principles to his team and then follows these principles in each of his ventures.


Akhlesh Vishnoi is working in Tricolite since 2010. He Heads Manufacturing of Fabrication & Paint shop, Pre assembly in Manesar. He is B Tech Mechanical and MBA Operations having total 16 yrs of Experience. His role is to feeding the structural components to Assembly units at Sahibabad and Manesar as per requirements.

Akhlesh direct and coordinate manufacturing process activity to ensure Production schedule, Quality standards, Cost and Safety objectives. He also leads resolution of manufacturing problems associated with design, technical and process issues. He has set an example by developing the skills and performance level of his team. His style of maintaining a work climate in which team members feel involved, vital to success of team and encouraging others to take on challenges is key to his success.


Mohammad Kaishulla is working as Head-IT & ERP in Tricolite since 2013. He is responsible for smooth functioning of IT, ERP. He has total of 16 years of experience. He is MCA & MBA by qualification.

He has successfully launched Tricolite Intranet which enabled tricolitians to stay connected. He has ability to managing projects by planning, prioritizing and administering work.


Jyoti Rani Sharma is Head HR and working with Tricolite since 2011. She is MBA in HR having total 13 yrs of Experience. She is big believer in Team building and enforcement of mission, goal and values to assure that everyone is on same page with like intentions.

Jyoti is responsible for attracting, Nurturing, and Retain talent at Tricolite enabling it to meet business and behavioral objectives. She enjoys creating ecosystems and supports a collaborative leadership style that melds the thinking and ideas of others; this is what multiplies the size of an opportunity and its speed in execution in order to create a larger sphere of influence and overall impact.


Mr. Singh has an enriching 22years of industry experience, which adds value to the technical edge of the organisation, strengthening the product value proposition to our esteemed customers, in line with the current trends and needs of the industry. He is qualified as BE Electrical & Diploma in Management. He is responsible for Technical Support to Consultants & Sales, Product Development, Product Training and Prescription.