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Tricolite Clean & Green Drive

Publish Date : Oct-2015

Tricolite celebrates mother nature every year as environment week but this time it took a new step and introduced August’15 and September’15 as Environment Months which encompassed initiatives to conserve, sustain and renew the environment. We understand that social responsibility initiatives vis-à-vis employee task initiatives related to work are equally important.

Two months were filled with daily activities related to transforming the inside and outside premises into a clean and green area and includes activities right from illustrating the non-trivial aspect of personal hygiene to going and cleaning the area indeed within and outside the premises by cleaning and removing the waste from the peripheral locations and also distributing waste bins to the street food vendors on the road side as a step to curtail littering of waste in that zone.

Tricolite has always been efficacious in tree plantation and considers it as a necessity and so it had been carried out with utmost excitement in planting saplings, distributing vegetable seeds to encourage kitchen gardening and also Red Tagging activity within the departments.