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Awareness of Custom Built Tricolite Switchboard (ACTS) workshop conducted

Publish Date : Jul-2014

In a unique demonstration of our core value of a customer centric approach, we host and conduct monthly day-long workshops with our client base on the operation, troubleshooting and distinguishing features of our products. These workshops are called ‘Awareness of Custom Built Tricolite Switchboard’ (ACTS) workshops, and provide an ever-fruitful confluence of Tricolite’s cutting-edge know-how with evolving end-user expectations.

With a broad-spectrum industry representation and enthusiastic participation, this month’s workshop was successful in amplifying the voice of the customer while showcasing our product USPs. The usual ingredients – floor walks and interaction, quality and manufacturing process reviews, multiple expert sessions – were on display, and the atmosphere of inquisitiveness and learning was infectious.

In the end, we at Tricolite were humbled not only by the unanimous appreciation of our product and processes, but also by the high expectation levels that our clientage holds us to as a result of our constant drive towards excellence.