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Annual Sports Day 2014

Publish Date : Apr-2014

Focusing on personal wellbeing, we celebrated our second Annual Sports Day on 5th April, 2014, at Tyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. Packed with activities like football, badminton, races, volleyball, kabaddi and tug of war, this was a grueling but enjoyable day.

During the launch of the event, Abhishek, our Director, emphasized on the need to remain healthy and fit and how sports can help in this objective. Meera, our Director, reflected on the importance of team spirit in sports and in professional execution.

All winners and runners up were recognized by the Executive Development group. Volunteers got a token of appreciation and our hearty gratitude for organizing and running the games. Finally we all parted after a scrumptious meal, supercharged after an eventful day filled with competition and camaraderie.