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Celebrating our TQM journey – Jun’14 awards announced

Publish Date : Jun-2014

Total Quality Management (TQM) is the cornerstone of our manufacturing best practices, and every month Tricolitians come together to share and celebrate best practices and new developments in this field by way of our monthly TQM awards in the following categories:

  • Best Suggestion of the month – the most ground-breaking suggestion generated
  • Best Kaizen of the month – best validated and implemented suggestion
  • Highest Number of Suggestions of the month – team member with maximum suggestions for improvement
  • Best Team of the month – team with the best TQM presence

For the month of Jun’14, the winners were Prakash, Rupinder, Ankush, Hitesh, Upinder, Sunil and Shankar. Fabrication, link fitting and plate wiring teams won the best team awards. Congratulations to all!

Not only does this monthly R&R event bolster our commitment towards world-class manufacturing through TQM, but is also one of our identified Total Employee Involvement (TEI) tools which ensure that every sound business idea receives its deserved platform and gets acted upon.