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Corporate Annual Review 2014

Publish Date : Apr-2014

We looked at our last year’s performance and set guidelines for the coming fiscal year as a team on 26th April, 2014, so as to streamline ourselves towards expectations from FY-14. Crown Plaza, Gurgaon hosted the business event and dinner this year.

Neeraj, Finance Head, opened the session with the objective parameter scorecard, listing our achievements and near-misses. Key initiative teams shared their achievements next in focus areas of working capital management, productivity and process improvement, and ‘Grow the Core’. Our Directors, Abhishek and Meera, then outlined the business objectives for 2014 and how we need to continually improve and adapt to get there.

This was followed by recognition of the achievers of 2013 by our Mentor Director, Amitabh. We hail the winners:

  • Neeraj, Sanjay and Manish for their contribution in gross margin improvement.
  • Pradeep and Rupinder for extraordinary participation in the inventory management initiative.
  • Akhilesh for mobilizing highest team involvement in his domain.

The eventful evening concluded with a dinner amongst fun, dance and live music.