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Blokset Tested Assembly


  • Application
    Protection & Control of Power Distribution
  • Reference Standard
  • Operational Voltage
  • Operational Current
    Up to 4000A Single Bus Bar
    For 6300A, Double Bus Bar
  • Phase/ Frequency
    3 Phase/ 50 Hz
  • Short Time Rating
    30/ 50/ 85KA rms/sec for Single Bus Bar
    100KA rms/sec for Double Bus Bar
  • Degree of Protection
  • Max. Temp. Rise
    40 deg C over ambient 45 deg C
  • Relative Humidity
  • Special Test
    Internal Arc Classified
  • Assembly Type
    Totally Type Tested Assembly
  • Type Tested and Compliant with IEC 60439-1.
  • Certified IEC60439-1 compliance guaranteeing
    • In-depth thermal rise effects and short-circuit withstand,
    • Internal arc withstand, earthquake / seismic withstand
    • Corrosive ambient protection
    • With All low Voltage Apps (Bus bar rating up to 6300 A)
    • Class 8/8 nuts and bolts ensure good mechanical assembly
    • Electrical continuity ensure through picots contact washer, which cut through the paint to reach the metal
  • Modular Structure-Global Design, Local Implementation.
  • Focus on Safety, Reliability & High-End Needs.
  • Flexibility in Project Management.
  • Intelligent System.
  • High Performance.
  • Cost Effective Installation, Up gradation or Modification.