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Vision & Values

No organization can be successful unless it sets itself a vision of where it wants to go and what values does it want to be known for.

There is a very high investment of time, effort, resources and energy spent in Tricolite at first defining these for our selves and then spreading this message across the length and breadth of the organization. Through a lot of deliberation and debate the management has decided to set its vision of being a premium, trustworthy power distribution solution provider that is committed to continuous learning, training and sustained excellence.

The definition of each word in the vision is elaborated upon and make crystal clear for common understanding of everyone. There is no room for individual interpretations and expression.

Our core values that give us the foundation to achieve our vision are Team Work, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Initiative and Customer centric approach. These too have well defined expectant behaviour listed that helps the team imbibe these values and walk the talk.

All corporate goals and all strategic decisions stem from our vision and values and are then further broken down to the junior most employee in bite size activities.