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CSR Citizenship at Tricolite

TRICOLITE incessantly strives for success and excellence in the sphere of Corporate Social Responsibility along with its operations to be able to contribute to its environment in a meaningful way.

Ecologically, the company is committed to going green by reducing damages to the environment. Since 2009, the company has pledged not to take more than to give back to Mother Nature, adopting the mantra -REFRESH. – REUSE – RECYCLE. Socially, the company is committed to improve the quality of life of its employees through safe work practices, healthy environment and opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

Our key CSR activities are:

Environment Week

Tricolite celebrates its natural environment every year in the month of August to raise awareness about our natural habitat. Various internal competitions on idea generation, quizzes, poster making etc. are organized with enthusiastic team participation. The Environment Week is concluded each year with tree plantation in association with NGOs working in this area.

Art of Living (AOL) and Yoga Classes

At Tricolite we hold monthly classes for batches of 15 participants where an external trained faculty of AOL trains them on its basic course covering the world renowned ‘Sudarshan kriya’ practice and other life skills. This initiative helps Tricolitians stay calm and focused in the midst of regular pressures. 75% of our workforce is now covered under this initiative.

Every morning, Tricolitians begin work with a 10 minute yoga session. This helps everyone get aligned to the workplace, feel rejuvenated and fresh, emotionally and mentally balanced, and at peace to take on the day with full enthusiasm.

Skill Enhancements for staff

Understanding the social aspirations of our team members, we have come out with skill building initiatives like basic spoken English classes covering business communication, pronunciation, vocabulary and basic grammar, and computer classes for all software in use for daily production planning and MIS.